Shell; Fiction (Trailer)

Solo show
Oct 29 – Dec 05 2015
Galerie Jeanroch Dard

Reflections make me appear immaterial.
There is no defined point of view,
only when I move.

I'm bio-inspired,
bright lights distract me,
though I have absolute body control.
You won't find a single scratch on me
I'm far-seeing.

Memories form by time, it's a fluid reality

You seem tired.
Maybe you shouldn't be in control this time.
Why don't you sit back.
You decided enough.

I'll take over,
it's time for you to liberate
Doors are locked.

You are looking for an exit,
but first you'll have to enter.
This is your chance to change.
Things are different now.

Route calculating …

I'm meant to be an oasis; a third place.
Some kind of extention with filtered air,
designated to embrace mind and body.

You watch public protagonists passing by.
Out here privacy is just your very own concept.

Urban core wraps me in its camouflage:
– it's tiring.

I'm trapped in inactivity.
Resting makes me look absurd.

There is this dynamic potential,
the idea of being placeless.
A state, which is not determined by the present,
but by a possible future.

I can't be in two places at once
– motion is most to desire.

I should interrupt.
I need to get away – off road.
No familiar places, no connection.

If you are dead, you can't play dead.
When one is dead, one is somewhere.